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May 25


May 26


Friday - May 24

Inner Landscapes

Friday, 24 May - 19:00-20:00

An exercise of consciousness of what makes us, of how the macro-cosmos is reflecting in the inner microcosm; an exercise to connect with the qualities of the elements of nature - earth, water, fire, air - which we find that they are manifested in our being from a coarse plane to the most subtle layers. We will use breathing techniques, mudras, mantras, aromas and sounds that will leave us surprised by the richness, diversity and beauty of the landscapes that will be revealed to us.


Corina Ionescu (Doka) - RYT500, YACEP - trainer accredited by Hatha Yoga, Yin & Restorative and Holistic Yoga, by Yoga Alliance International India and Yoga Alliance International USA, international bodyboard instructor, Thaimassa She is passionate about aromatherapy and everything that brings harmony and peace to the human being. 

Saturday - May 25


Saturday, 25 May - 10:00-11:00

Find out how to return to a calm and relaxed state of mind during a regular day! Learn how to start practicing meditation or discover how meditation can be integrated in your day to day life.


Radha is a certified facilitator in Osho Active Meditations, trained as a group leader in Osho International Meditation Resort, India. She is experienced in Primal Deconditioning and Emotional Freedom therapies and in Learning Love Institute. 

Breathing and Meditation Techniques inspired from Kundalini Yoga

Saturday, 25 May - 11:30 – 12:30

Meditation time is time spent with ourselves. We wake our bodies, breathe and try to bring the attention from outside to inside, from our minds to our hearts. We foster positive energy and inner peace. We are free to just be in the moment. We use mantras, mudras, breathing exercises and two different kundalini meditations to calm our minds. And inner peace is like a muscle, it needs to be worked on.


Elena Aniţei has the RYT200 certification from Yoga Alliance USA- is passionate about yoga, outdoor activities and kickboxing. 

Harmony and Body Balance - Mind - Soul: Movement, Breathing & Sacred Sound Meditation

Saturday, 25 May - 14:00 – 15:00

Sound is the source of any alchemy, supporting any change, reminding and reconnecting with any type of experience and potency, by alternating different frequencies, intentions, and resonances. Here we will experiment with the high frequencies of the instruments used in sound therapy: tibetan bowls, shamanic drums, diapazons, wind bells, bowling - harmoniously combining slow body movements, grounding exercises, conscious breathing, visualization and integration meditations.


Eliza ShaktiMa Guide and Holistic Therapist. Physical Therapist with Free Practice Notice, Shiatsu Masters and Psycho-Pedagogical Mode. Personal development counselor and Trainer.  


Saturday, 25 May - 16:00-17:30

DancingEssence is an active meditation. Moving with our eyes blindfolded, we don’thave to think about how we look or how others look, so we are free to just tunein, and allow the music to move us.


Anda Hobai is trained as a Holistic Therapist, Systemic Coach, Relationship Counselor, facilitator for Active Meditations, Body Knowledge and Emotional Release. With more than 1000 hours of training in holistic healing techniques, she brings vast experience in working with people. 

Sunday - May 26


Sunday, 26 May - 10:00-11:00

This guided meditation helps you unwind and relax, as you move your attention through your body parts and focus on your breath. Deep relaxation supports wellbeing, develops clarity of mind, and improves concentration.
This guided meditation is an excellent start for those who have never meditated before and want a simple way to relax and recharge.


Magda Blidăruș is a certified systemic coach, learning and development facilitator and relationship counselor. In the last 10 years she experienced the profound effects of meditation in her own life and she is eager to share the practice with as many people as possible. 

Yoga and Mindfulness for mother and child

Sunday, 26 May - 11:30 – 12:30

This concept is intended for all children (5-12 years old) and aims to help them better understand the world they live in, to adapt more easily from an emotional and social point of view, learn to live healthy and in harmony with everything that surrounds them.


Michelle MikaZen is an International Yoga Instructor Yoga Alliance USA (RYT 200), Yoga Alliance India, yoga instructor for children, adolescents, children with various disabilities and family-certified by Yoga Alliance USA (RCYT), certified instructor wobbel yoga, BodyART Kids instructor, psychologist, Yoga passionate, Ayurveda and Personal Development. 

Concentration and contemplation: Chinese meditation techniques from modern and traditional qigong

Sunday, 26 May - 14:00 – 15:00

An ancient practice, Qigong has been a system of cultivation of health, self-knowledge and spiritual evolution. We invite you in this session to practice together, exercises techniques in order to learn how to relax our body and calm our minds, how to have a more powerful presence at the moment and in our own body and how to open ourselves to inner freedom and towards happiness.


Dana Mîrza Qigong and taijiquan (tai chi) instructor. 


Sunday, 26 May - 16:00-17:30

You can expand into your authentic limitless being in a healing space of trust,presence and stillness, using breath, body awareness and ancient healing techniques.This experience results in a lowered level of stress and anxiety, receiving clarity and joy that results from resonating with the unity and the wholeness of existence.


Om is a certified practitioner of the new Energy Healing System ”From Separation To Unity, facilitator of Divine Alignment, and a trained facilitator for meditations, Spiritual Healing,New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation Teacher, Cosmo Humanism Ambassador of Peace, Conscious Coaching,  Spiritual Surgery and Crystal Healing.