Dr. Anamaria Iulian is a nutritionist, clinical psychologist, children, couple and family psychotherapist, specialist in childhood obesity and she has been promoting in the last 10 years a Healthy Lifestyle, she’s organized 40 editions of Nutrition and Personal Development Camps for children and she also manages the Center for Excellence in Prophylaxis and Treatment of Obesity.

Nutrition guide to good manners

Saturday, September 29 - 16:30

The relationship with food has been and will remain a special one, because we are genetically programmed to accumulate kilocalories, but we also to "count"emotions, sensations, good moments, the degree of satisfaction or of happiness.Therefore: we eat, we like to see food, we test it with all our senses, and we love the sweet from the first month of our life. That's why a good nutritional guide is the right solution for a proper eating behaviour that offers health, well-being and satisfaction at the same time.

Healthy lifestyle guide

Sunday, September 30 - 11:30

Clinical studies show that it is much more advantageous investing in lifestyle changes than being on a diet, which only generates frustration and on the long run it has disastrous consequences. Being healthy means more balance every day, more energy and positive vibes, better performance, increased ability to "elude" the temptations, more positive emotions, and last but not least, the ability to maintain an appropriate weight as an adult.


Chef Alexandru Cîrțu got it the finals of Masterchef, Season 1. He’s a culinary consultant of Lifebox and co-owner of Hostalion Management School, Paprika Events trainer and he attended many culinary TV shows.

A balanced plate – how to eat right and tasty with a minimum effort

Saturday, September 29 - 14:00

Culinary Workshop cu Electrolux Combi Steam Pro

Howto eat healthy, fast and tasty event after a busy day

Sunday, September 30 - 14:00

Culinary Workshop cu Electrolux Combi Steam Pro

Alexandru Cîrțu

Sorina Fredholm is a internationally certified Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York) and Yoga Teacher (200 hours YTT), recipe & meal plans developer, co-founder Monday Lifestyle (healthy living app). In the past 10 years, her activity expanded in the wellness field and it allowed her to enrich her knowledge about nutrition, sports and to develop a real passion for a healthy lifestyle. Through sharing her knowledge and her experience she wishes to inspire and motivate people around her to discover the benefits of a holistic life: clean and healthy food, yoga and mindful living.

Mealplanning made easy

Saturday, September 29 - 11:30
Sunday, September 30 - 16:00

Creating a habit of meal prepping is a way to set yourself up for success! Having meals ready throughout the week will help you stay on track with your health objectives, no matter how busy your schedule is. If you want to eat more nourishing healthy food, feel more energized while saving time, join me and learn how to master meal planning for life + receive a free one week healthy lifestyle plan

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